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Surrey at Work in Old Photographs

by Chris Shepheard & SIHG 1992

Surrey at Work front cover

The historic county of Surrey has employed people in a variety of ways in the last hundred years or so, often in work no longer carried on at all, or in jobs no longer carried on in Surrey. Professional photographer Chris Shepheard has assembled a fascinating selection of images which shows the changing face of work and provides a useful introduction to the social and industrial history of the county.

Work on the land kept many folk busy before the widespread mechanization of agriculture, and rural trades are well represented here. But Surrey has hosted a wide variety of manufacturing industries - from brick-making to gunpowder production - and cameramen, amateur and professional, were always on hand to record these occupations before their contribution to the county's economic fabric ended. Neither were the services provided by airports, canals, power generation or the retail industry overlooked. Special sections deal with accidents and the fire and rescue services, and with the role played by women, particularly during wartime.

As well as provoking much nostalgic recollection, this delightful volume is a storehouse of information about the county's past. It will be enjoyed as much by those who enjoy recalling the good old days as by those in search of their heritage.