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Visits, Extra Meetings & AGM

Saturday 25 April SERIAC 2015
Saturday 10 July - SIHG AGM + Conservation Award to Farnham Pottery
Saturday 18 July - Launch of 2nd (paperback) edition of
The Diaries of James Simmons Paper Maker of Haslemere

Lecture Course at Guildford 2015-16

The 40th Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 19:30 - 21:30 at the Diocesan Education Centre, Guildford Cathedral.

29 September 2015
Sussex Industrial History: a different approach
Dr Geoffrey Mead, University of Sussex
  6 October 2015
The Archaeology of Early Steam Locomotives
Dr Michael Bailey, President of the Stephenson Locomotive Society
27 October 2015
History of Roads in Britain
Douglas Irvine, Civil Engineer
10 November 2015
Agricultural Steam Mechanisation
Dr Jane McCutchan, University of Reading
17 November 2015
Tunnelling in the 1740s
Dr Bryan Lawton, Newcomen Society
  8 December 2015
Members’ Talks Evening - Free to all lecture attendees (even if not members of SIHG)
Short talks by members plus refreshments and a chance to meet other members.
Eiffel Canal, aquaduct, railway & autoroute bridges - David Atkinson
Abbot’s aeroplanes - Peter Minett
Barrels (probably gun & not beer) - Roy Johnson
The Great War Brodie Helmet - Mike Lattimer
Rural Jottings from Romania - Pam Taylor

Christmas Break

19 January 2016
Water power in Roman gold mining
Dr David Bird, President SyAS
  2 February 2016
The Crystal Palace
Ian Bevan, City of London Guide
16 February 2016
200 Years of Steam Locomotives
Peter Bosomworth, Locomotive Engineer & Railway Enthusiast
  1 March 2016
Building the Panama Canal - an historical review
Dr Roger Squires, Trustee of the London Canal Museum
15 March 2016
Death of a Light Bulb
John Otten, Engineer & Author

Lecture Courses at Leatherhead 2015-16

Thursdays 10:00-12:00 Room G6 The Institute Leatherhead 67 High Street Leatherhead KT22 8AH

Autumn 2015

  1 Oct 18(B) Squadron (Chinook) Falklands War
Ian Ivory, Ex 18(B) Squadron Pilot
  8 Oct The Construction of Gothic Cathedrals
Douglas Irvine, Structural Engineer
15 Oct The Work of Surrey History Centre
Di Stiff, Collections
Development Archivist
22 Oct The Ramblings of a Railwayman
Geoff Bunch, ex Railwayman
29 Oct Aero Engines and Rocket Propulsion
Jim Smith, ex Director
Fraser Nash
(5 Nov Half Term)
12 Nov Railway Electrification
Peter Bosomworth, Engineer
19 Nov Archaeology and Modern Equipment
David Calow, Surrey
Archaeological Society
26 Nov The Merchant Navy in Wartime
Richard Mellor, Maritime
Carrier Shipping UK Ltd
  3 Dec 150 Years of London Underground
Mark Ovenden, Transport consultant
10 Dec The Vickers Viscount
John Caton, Transport enthusiast

Spring 2016

  7 Jan George and Robert Stephenson
Geoff Roles, SIHG
14 Jan Fast Ladies
Tim Morris, Brooklands Trust Member
21 Jan Landscape and building materials in the SE
Geoffrey Mead, Sussex University
28 Jan Commons and Industrial Uses
Kathy Atherton
  4 Feb Domes
Alan Thomas, SIHG
(11 Feb Half Term)

18 Feb The Merchant Navy in Wartime Pt ll
Richard Mellor
25 Feb Sopwith Aircraft and The Great War
David Hassard, Kingston
Aviation Centenary Project
  3 Mar Stainless Steel in Britain
David Dulieu
10 Mar Technology, Industry and
          The Napoleonic Wars
Roger Knight, London University
17 Mar Members’ Talks