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Visits, Extra Meetings & AGM

Saturday 23 April SERIAC 2016 - South East Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference
Annual one-day conference at Holy Cross Prep School, Kingston upon Thames
Organised this year by SIHG
Saturday 9 July at 14:00
SIHG Annual General Meeting
at Painshill Park, Cobham, Surrey

Lecture Course at Guildford 2016-17

The 41st Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures
Tuesdays 19:30 - 21:30 at the Diocesan Education Centre, Guildford Cathedral.
27 September 2016
Engineering Edwardian Deterrence: HMS Dreadnought
Admiral Lord Fisher and the Anglo-German Arms Race
Prof. Andrew Lambert, Dept of War Studies King’s College London
11 October 2016
Bat Boat to Red Arrows - the story of Kingston’s aviation industry;
Sopwith, Hawker, Hawker Siddeley and British Aerospace
Chris Farara, The Hawker Association
25 October 2016
Scientific Approaches to Understanding the Manufacture,
Use and Conservation of Historic Window glass
Dr David Dungworth, Historic England
  8 November 2016
The Construction of Gothic Cathedrals
Doug Irvine, Civil Engineer
30 November 2016 WEDNESDAY
Tide Mills - More History and Archaeology
David Plunkett, Chairman Mills Research Group
13 December 2016
Members’ Talks Evening - Free to all lecture attendees (even if not members of SIHG)
Short talks by members plus refreshments and a chance to meet other members.
Sugar Estates in South America
David Atkinson
Zimmerman Telegraph & unrestricted submarine warfare
Malcomn Tagg
Britain's First Oilfield (1919)
Michael Lattimer

Christmas Break

  3 January 2017
The Port of London Story
Geoff Roles, SIHG
31 January 2017
The Majestic Age of the Ocean Liner
Richard Mellor, ex Union Castle Lines and P&O
14 February 2017
Matthew Boulton FRS - Industrialist Extraordinary
Trevor Williams, Farnham U3A
28 February 2017
Elstree: Britain’s Hollywood
Bob Redman, Secretary Elstree Screen Heritage
14 March 2017
Eric Lomax - The Railwayman of War and Peace
Dr Michael Bailey, President of the Stephenson Locomotive Society

Lecture Courses at Leatherhead 2016-17

Thursdays 10:00-12:00; The Institute Leatherhead 67 High Street Leatherhead KT22 8AH.

Autumn 2016

  6 October
The Merchant Navy in WWII
Richard Mellor, Maritime Shipping Rtd
  13 October
History of Computation
Bernard Cohen, Computer Expert
20 October
Accidents that transformed Aviation
Safety Patrick Lahor, Historian
27 October
(Half Term)

  3 November
Restoration of the Wey and Arun Canal
Alan Johnson, WACT
10 November
The Dennis Vehicle Company
Andy Goundry, ex Dennis
17 November
Motorcycle Development and Racing
Roger Bird, Brooklands Historian
24 November
The History of Smelly Gasworks
Ken Tythacott, SIHG
  1 December
The Construction of the Channel Tunnel
John Kennedy, ex W S Atkins
  8 December
To Frack or not to Frack
Richard Rumble
15 December
Invincible: The Story of a Tank Engine
Michael Herbert, SIHG

Spring 2017

12 January
The Dennis Company
Andy Goudry, ex Dennis
19 January
The Battle of Havant
Patrick Lalor, Historian
26 January
The Men who Built the Railways
Geoff Roles, SIHG
2 February
A Short History of Bridges
Douglas Irvine, Lecturer
9 February
Manufacturing Decline
Bob Bryson, SIHG
16 February
(Half Term)
Visit to Mercedes-Benz World
23 February
Bat Boat to Red Arrows
Chris Ferara, The Hawker Association
2 March
Malting and Brewing in Kent
James Preston, Author
9 March
Efficiencies and Emissions
in the Power Industries
Richard Rumble, Fetcham
16 March
The Development of Containers
Richard Mellor, Maritime Shipping
23 March
Members’ Talks
The Great War 1914-18; blockade at Sea
+ The Zimmerman Telegram
Malcomn Tagg
The Fusee Chain
John Miles