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Visits, Extra Meetings & AGM

Saturday 13 April SERIAC2019 - South East Regional Industrial Archaeology Conference
Annual one-day conference at Dartford
Hosted by Kent Archaeological Society (KAS)
Saturday 27 July @ 14:00 - SIHG AGM + Conservation Award Ceremony
Bluebird Room, Brooklands Museum.
Enter by Campbell Gate, marked ‘JTI Members Hill’, (SatNav KT13 0QU)
Please contact Bob Bryson, 01483 577809 or for details

Lecture Course at Guildford 2019-2020

The 44th Series of Industrial Archaeology Lectures

  8 October 2019
Sopwith through the Great War
Chris Farara, The Hawker Association
22 October 2019
The Efficiency of Steam Engines
Bob Bryson, SIHG
  4 November 2019
Hearth & Home: Vernacular Building Materials of South East England
Dr Geoffrey Mead, University of Sussex
19 November 2019
One Thames or Two? The Archaeology of London’s River
Jon Cotton, Surrey Archaeological Society
  3 December 2019
RAE Farnborough - 100 Years of Aviation Research, Development & Innovation
Dr Graham Rood, Curator Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST)
17 December 2019
Members’ Talks Evening - (free)
Short talks by members plus refreshments and a chance to meet others
The history of the transistor - The triumph of micro production engineering
Steven Archer
Endeavor rewarded? The SIHG Conservation Award
Pam Taylor

  7 January 2020
A Drop of the Hard & the Soft Stuff - a Century of Brewing
& Mineral Water Making in Bury Street, Guildford
David Rose, local historian and writer
21 January 2020
The Zeppelin Onslaught- Britain's Forgotten Blitz
Ian Castle, Member of the Airship Heritage Trust
  4 February 2020
The History of Westland Aircraft & Reminiscences of an Apprentice
Bill McNaught, retired aerospace & defence industry managing director
18 February 2020
Industrial History at the Mills Archive
Ron & Mildred Cookson, The Mills Archive Trust
  3 March 2020
Sentinels of the Sea - The Amazing History of Light Houses
Mark Lewis, Member of the Association of Lighthouse Keepers

Lecture Courses at Leatherhead

Autumn 2019

  3 October
National Aircraft Factory No 2
David Hassard
10 October
Guildford 1st WW
David Rose
17 October
The German Navy 1935 - 1945
Malcolm Tagg
24 October
Noel Pemberton-Billing
Colin van Geffen
31 October

  7 November
The History of Watermills
Bryan Lawton
14 November
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
and its impact on Society
Richard Rumble
21 November
Gustave Eiffel -
The tower, the statue and the man
Douglas Irvine
28 November
Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage,
computer pioneers
Roger Price
  5 December
Development, growth and decline
of bus services
Richard Mellor
12 December
Great Canal Engineers
Geoff Roles

Spring 2020

  9 January
Wealden Gunfounding
Jeremy Hodgkinson
16 January
Profumo Affair
Terry Johnson
23 January
Kirkaldy Testing Museum
Tim Crichton
30 January
Steel - From Bessemer to 21st Century
Tim Smith
  6 February
The Industrial Archaeology
of Brooklands
Julian Temple
13 February
Royal Trains
Graeme Payne
20 February

27 February
Britain’s Military Railways
Geoff Roles
  5 March
Surrey Iron Railway
Eric Shaw, Wandle Industrial Museum
12 March
Royal Navy Hydrographic Surveying
John Partington
19 March
[Members’ Talks]
Sorry- this meeting has been cancelled